Wyoming Disability Resources

UW Wyoming Institute of Disabilities


 The mission of the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND) is to assist individuals with developmental and other disabilities and their families by promoting and supporting full community inclusion, community membership, independence, productivity and social participation. Over the next five years (2017-2022), WIND will strive to improve outcomes for individuals in the areas of health and wellness, education, early intervention, employment and assistive technology. 

Protection & Advocacy Inc


 Protection & Advocacy System, Inc. (“P&A”), established in 1977, is a nonprofit corporation authorized by Congress to implement several federal laws to protect the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities. P&A has federal authority to gain access to facilities, records, and persons to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect. P&A also helps people obtain state and federally funded services, such as vocational rehabilitation, mental health, intellectual, traumatic brain injury, assistive technology devices and services, other disability services, voting rights, and access to facilities and programs. P&A focuses on civil rights and discrimination issues. P&A promotes systemic change to enhance quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. P&A provides legal representation and individual advocacy, education and training, including help with self-advocacy skills, and information and referral services. 

Wyoming Governors Council of Developmental Diabilities


 About the Council

Our purpose is to assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in and have access to needed community services, individualized supports and other forms of assistance that promote independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of community life.  

Our Vision

We envision a world in which the choices for persons with disabilities are not limited by others, in which persons with disabilities have choices about all aspects of their lives, in which their choices are respected and supported; a world without limits.

Key Beliefs

All people have value and ability.
Every person can make a contribution. People are free to live, work, learn and play in society.
We must always challenge one another to do better.
There is dignity in taking risks and value in making mistakes. 

Wyoming Independent Living Inc.



About Wyoming Independent Living, Inc.

Wyoming Independent Living, Inc. (WIL)is dedicated to the philosophy that every person, regardless of disability, deserves to experience dignity, safety, health and personal independence.

Services provided by WIL staff are consumer-oriented and individualized based on your personal goals.  All programs are designed to enhance mobility, increase the ability to care for yourself, to communicate and to live independently in the community of your choice. 

Core Services  provided without cost include: 

1. Information and Referral

2. Independent Living Skills Training

3. Cross Disability Peer Support

4. Advocacy (Individual and Systemic)

5. Transition Services

WIL believes people with disabilities know best what services and supports they need to live full, exciting and independent lives.  We're here to help you discover and implement those choices which lead to your personal independence. 

We also believe that people with disabilities are among the brightest, most capable people out there, and have a lot to offer the world.  We would love for you to join our team as a staff member, peer mentor, board member, or class facilitator.  If you want to be part of what we're doing in Eastern Wyoming, please call or stop by one of WIL's offices today!

Wyoming Guardianship



WGC Mission Statement:

The mission of WGC is to increase public awareness of guardianship and the alternatives to guardianship by providing problem solving, advocacy, public education and in-service training.

Our Philosophy:

WGC uses person-centered planning as an approach in all of its programming and person-centered services are a pervasive part of WGC’s culture. WGC understands that people want to remain in their home communities.




UPLIFT takes our name from the Lessons from the Geese story: "As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an 'UPLIFT' for the bird following. By flying in a "V" formation, the whole flock adds 71% more flying range than if each bird flew alone." It is our desire to provide this type of support for parents and families.


The entire family feels the impact of a child or youth with a disability or special need. Their care may be physically, emotionally, or financially draining to the family. Parents and caregivers are often reluctant to talk openly about their child’s struggles with relatives, teachers, professionals, or friends. They may not know where to go for help. The majority of the staff and board members of UPLIFT are individuals and family members of children, youth, and young adults with disabilities and special needs.

UPLIFT serves Wyoming children and youth ages 0-26 and their families. Services are provided by Family Support Specialists who serve in a variety of roles to meet the individual needs of each family.

We Believe

Children with Special
Health Care Needs:
• Have strengths and make valuable
contributions to their families and communities.

• Are children first and deserve the same love, care, and attention as any other child.

• Have a right to safely participate in community life, live with their families, and attend their local school.

• Come from a broad spectrum of families who have a variety of strengths and needs and must be treated with dignity and respect.

• Must receive all the services and supports necessary to achieve their potential.

Family Members of Children with
Special Health Care Needs:
• Must always be viewed as experts regarding their child since they have 24-hour, 7 days-aweek lifelong experiences.

• Are a source of strength for young people with special health challenges.

• Are resilient and have developed many strategies to cope with the challenges their children present.

• Must dare to hope and dream about what might be for their child. Children’s Special Health

Children’s Special Health Care
Services Must:
• Emphasize the identification of the child’s strengths.

• Be affordable, accessible, available, and appropriate.

• Be based on need, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

• Be child-centered, family-focused, community-based and culturally competent.